HSU Online Registration is Now Open

Some people might say that the Christmas and New Year period is the most wonderful time of the year, but not at HSU! Seeing our players return for a new football season and meeting new team members is the highlight of our season.

We’re now just a couple of months away from kick off for the season and it’s time to get players registered and teams filled.

Note: senior registration is open and juniors is open from 3 February once the Active Kids $100 Rebate Voucher is live. Stay tuned for a detailed guide to help you access this rebate. 

The Play Football  website is our online registration platform, and whether you’ve played before, are new to the club or new to football you’ll use this website to complete registration.



Before you get started:

  • Have you got a current passport style photo you can use for your registration? You will need to upload a new photo unless a current one is already in the system.


Details for registration:

1. Played for in the Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) Last Year

  • Have you got an FFA Number and Password? Click Here
  • Have you got an FFA Number but no Password? Click Here
  • Have you Not got an FFA Number or Password? Click Here

2. Did Not Play for Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) Last Year

  • First you will need to download and print a registration document for the MWFA. Click here
  • If you played overseas last year for an international club you will need this form too. Click here



Family Discounts

1. A Family Discount is available of $20 for additional players registering to HSUFC in the same immediate family.

2. Please pay the full amount for the first family member, then select the family discount for subsequent members.

3. Family Discounts are available when you register online as an Additional Item on the Payment Screen. (See Below)



Student Discounts

1. Student Discount of $20 is available to any player who is a full time student playing for Team from Under 21′s and above

2. A Scanned Version of your Student ID (or Proof of Age) will need to be sent to registarar@hsufootball.com.au, or a photocopy version given at registration day.


Help Registering?

Let us help you complete your registration – contact registrar@hsufootball.com.au


Registration Fees for 2018

Junior Mixed U6 – U9 Saturday  $     200
Junior Girls U7 – U9 Sunday  $     200
Junior Girls U10-U11 Sunday  $     205
Junior Mixed U10-U11 Saturday  $     205
Youth Mixed U12-U15 Saturday  $     250
Youth Girls U12-U15 Sunday  $     250
Youth Girls U16 Sunday  $     250
Youth Mixed U16 Saturday  $     250
Youth Girls U18 Sunday  $     290
Youth Mixed U18 Saturday  $     280
Senior Mens AL1  $     420
Senior Mens AL1 Student  $     400
Senior Mens AL2+  $     370
Senior Mens AL2+ Student  $     350
Senior Mens Over 35  $     370
Senior Mens Over 45  $     370
Womens AL  $     360
Womens AL Student  $     340
Womens Over 35  $     360
Womens Premier League  $     390
Womens Premier League Student  $     370